Building custom homes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia – Please enjoy our Gallery!!


“You can’t build a fine home with anything less than top subcontractors,” Terry Thompson says emphatically. “We’re fortunate enough to work with the area’s best resources in materials, workmanship and expertise. From the guys who pour foundation walls to our finish carpenters, we work within a team of true professionals. We value them both as vital elements of our construction team and as friends.”


For more info or to discuss your ideas for a mountain home, contact us by email, by phone or come to Towns County and see our homes currently under construction. Take a look through our gallery today !


Whether it’s your primary home or a getaway house, first and foremost, I recommend —
⦁ lots of discussion and thinking through your expectations for a new home
⦁ meeting with an architect or good home designer to expedite that phase of your new home planning.
⦁ As the concept takes shape, and the site is chosen, bring in your builder for the final meetings on your home’s design. He or she can offer insights from a hands-on perspective.
⦁ Make every effort to review choices for materials and fixtures early on to prevent delays and costly changes once your home is underway.
⦁ Enjoy the creative process and communicate with your builder frequently to assure common intentions in the construction of your new home.


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